Following these simple steps will improve your coffee by leaps and bounds



1. The coffee bean itself comes from the coffee cherry, which in turn comes from the coffee tree. Like other produce, such as apples or wine grapes, there are huge differences in both quality and flavour. The best coffee is sold as whole beans and in sealed bags. Important information such as the roasting date and the specific origin of the coffee should be available on the bag. The best coffee is, as a rule, sold wherever the people serving you are knowledgeable about the product.


2. Nordic tap water is generally of high quality, but if your tap water has a high mineral level consider filtering it. The recommended brewing temperature is between 90 and 96 degrees celsius.



3. All brewing equipment should be clean before you start brewing. Metal filters and filter holders for coffee makers must be rinsed and cleaned before brewing for an optimal result.



4. Measure your brew accurately. The recommended dose is between 60-70 grams per liter of water. Using a digital scale to weigh the coffee and measuring up the water will ensure the brewing ratio is correct.



5. The volatile oils of the coffee will oxidate much quicker in ground coffee, when it is no longer protected inside the bean. Oxidation leads to increased bitterness in the coffee. The reason coffee is so fragrant when you grind it is because the aromas are escaping. It is therefore very important to grind the coffee immediately before you start brewing.


6. Use a finer grind when you brew coffee using quicker methods such as Moka pot or Aeropress. Filter coffee requires a medium grind, while French press and Immersion brews (“Kokekaffe”) require a slightly coarser grind.


7. It is easy to extract either too little, or too much from your coffee. Paying attention to your extraction time is therefore important in brewing a balanced cup of coffee. The brewing time is dependent on the grind level and amount of water, but as a rule of thumb, these times are practical guides:

  • Espresso: 20-30 seconds
  • Moka pot and Aeropress: 30-60 seconds
  • Filter brews and French press: 4-5 minutes
  • Immersion brews (“Kokekaffe”): 5-6 minutes

If you have high quality, freshly roasted and ground coffee along with clean water, all you really need to do is be precise with measurements and time, and you can’t go wrong.