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Buying Guide: Coffee Machines - Different Types of Machines
Release date:2013/8/1

Coffee Machines Buying Guide

There's nothing quite like that morning coffee to help get your day started. Now, you can skip the cafe queues and bring barista-quality coffee to your home. Below is a simple guide on what you need to look for when shopping for a coffee machine.


Whether you prefer a latte, espresso or anything in between, finding the perfect coffee machine to suit your taste can be quite daunting — particularly because there's such a variety on the market — but Harvey Norman helps you make sense of it all.


Espresso Machines

The more traditional machine has been popular for years, advancing with a number of options available to even the fussiest coffee enthusiast. However, all espresso coffee machines follow the same suit by creating water pressure and forcing the water through tightly-packed coffee in the handle. This elevated pressure extracts more of the coffee granules, allowing for a richer, fuller and stronger cup of coffee. Espresso machines are perfect for those who want to be a barista at home, making their own coffee just how they like it,

The Benefits of Espresso Makers

Be your own barista with an espresso machine that allows you to make your own coffee. This means that:

  • You choose the coffee strength you like.
  • Frothing and texturing your milk creates the prefect coffee art.


Automatic Coffee Machines

Automatic machines are the ultimate in-home coffee makers. An automatic machine takes care of the entire coffee-making process, from grinding to brewing and frothing the milk. Some machines have the option of making cappuccinos at the touch of a button. They're perfect for those who want their ideal coffee at the press of a button, and great for the entertainer as they can make coffees quickly. Most machines are programmed with many functions:

  • Cleaning with descaler.
  • Changing water filters.
  • Water refill and emptying the coffee bins.

The Benefits of Automatic Coffee Makers

Your perfect coffee at the press of a button, this means that:

  • Most automatic machines have a pre-programmed button for cappuccino or latte.
  • You can also program with a timer to turn on in the morning.
  • They're great for entertaining at home.


Coffee Capsule Machines

Coffee capsule machines are the latest advancement in the coffee machine lifecycle. The main benefit of buying one of these devices is in the capsule. The capsule is a small, sealed container with a pre-measured amount of coffee in it. It's as easy as dropping the capsule in and selecting a particular button, resulting in a perfect espresso every time. Whilst it's a speedy and convenient option, the downside to using capsules is that your choices of coffee are limited to those offered by the particular manufacturers. Most machines also come with a milk frother device for instant cappuccino or latte. These machines are great for those busy people that are constantly on the run.

The Benefits of Capsule Coffee Makers

The Capsule - Coffee capsules are usually wrapped in individual packaging for ease of storage and dosage. This means that the aroma of the freshly ground beans is sealed until the capsule is opened and used (as opposed to coffee beans, which begin to lose their freshness after being ground).

Capsules Equal Less Cleaning and Wastage - The ground coffee is locked into the capsules, even after your coffee has been made. This means that:

  • There is no spillage of coffee grounds on the bench when dosing, tamping or emptying.
  • No wasted coffee.
  • Each capsule includes a single serve, making it simple to use.

Give the Grinder the Boot - The compact size means they're easily stored and you no longer need to make room for a grinding machine on the bench top. The capsule already contains ground coffee, which means:

  • You have more bench space available.
  • No more loud and noisy grinders.
  • No need to re-fill the grinder.
  • You have an even dosage of coffee.


Helpful Coffee Hints

A good coffee drink has a lot to do with the coffee:

  • It's important to always have fresh, good quality coffee on hand.
  • Coffee should be sorted in a tightly-sealed container and kept in a dry/cool area.

Coffee machine maintenance should be done often:

  • Decaling the coffee machine.
  • Changing water filters.
  • Cleaning the milk frother devices and frothing jugs.




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